Where there is a will, there is…..Family, Jackson!

Posted on July 1st, 2009 by Jim

Why is it that when people pop their clogs and head off to smell their flowers (cremation or burial) interest often shifts to remembering them to ‘what is in it for me?’. What sort of a family guy attitude is that when someone is six feet under?

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The term ‘Michael Jackson’s will’ won’t re-kindle terms relating to mental strength (wibble) but rather the legacy, estate and music rights he has left behind. ‘Where there is a will – there is family’ as the great estate debate goes on.

Do you have a will and does it include any strange requests for the day you come to be surrounded by flowers. Do let me know here in comments even if you didn’t know the deceased. Cheers….

4 Responses to “Where there is a will, there is…..Family, Jackson!”

  1. O'DB says:

    No will as yet … but if i don’t make it back from circuit training due to hyper-sweatism (it’s 30C – in Manchester … & that’s Manchester, UK not Manchester, Arizona) please let it be known that I’d like the following:

    1. Cremation
    2. ‘Great balls of Fire’ by Jerry Lee Lewis played on full volume on a Spinal Tap amp (up to 11)

    • Jim says:

      I’ll cover ‘going underground’ by the Jam if buried…

      • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

        Bored see……..

        My David says like that it is a sign of a highly creative brain wot just can’t not fink ov nuffink to do that is!

        Well he’s right an all he is!.

        Tried wotchin the news an that I av, but like nuffink terestin bin appenin all week. Not one single news story worvy ov followin!

        Not a bloomin one!

        Even that Wimbledon ain’t not excitin this year. See since that Jimmy Connors an John McEnroe stopped playin, tennis is like dull to wotch, less ov course its me playin an that.

        So like I av decided to collect as many hubcaps as possible an glue em to Tower Bridge on the Thames I av see!

        Brill it is right! Coz like it will give us a sense ov identity when all them forinners comes over wiv their oliday cash fer spendin on souvenirs see, coz theys will like be avvin to buy new postcards an that wiv Tower Bridge in all its new Pearly King décor right! Proper right fittin an all that!

        An me an my David is like makin postcards to sellz to em to them touristic people an that.

        That’s creative an newsworvy too see!

  2. Lib says:

    I really wish you weren’t gay Elton.

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