Go! Define Emirates airline, flower!

Posted on June 24th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai. The world is flat thanks to super brands like Emirates AirlinesAggressive marketing has meant their logo is featured on some of THE sporting brands of the world.

Take Arsenal Football club who have recently opened up a soccer school here:

YouTube Preview Image

One way for kids to get active and have fun!

Locally I’ve heard the service on the airline has dropped as some switch to Abu Dhabi based Etihad who claim in their P.R ‘ challenging the status quo is the only way to grow’.

 One definition of emirates I’d heard recently was:

English Management, Indian Run, Arabs Takes Extra Salary (E.M.I.R.A.T.E.S)

Harsh but fair? Comments on superbrand airlines welcomed right here! Whatever next, trips to into space?

16 Responses to “Go! Define Emirates airline, flower!”

  1. Purple13 says:

    If they keep building upwards – we won’t need no separate spaceport!

    The luxury of air travel is one i’ve only experienced on a few occassions (holidays abroad) and whilst the service on board has always been great – the conditions (sardine class – once 8hrs to Florida) and the hours of waiting around due to checkin times (not to mention the early hours journeys to said airport) means as much as i’m thrilled by air flight – I don’t really miss it that much.

    Rather take my car.

    • Jim says:

      Spaceport, as inspired by Star trek?!!?

      LOL with the sardine class and I guess if you drive quickly over speed humps you can get the best of both worlds?

  2. uncle cyril says:

    heres something which may interest you being in dubai


  3. Lib says:

    Haven’t Emirates ordered 58 of the Airbus A380 jumbos at a cost of approx £35 billion?

    That would be a nice order to throw on the boss’s desk on a Monday morning.

    Huge disparity between Emirates and British Airways, with their Chief Exec, Willie Walsh, asking employees to work free for a month to stave off administration which could still happen. Quite shocking really.

    • red dog says:


      yes they did but since then the world turned and liquidity is a dirty word in Dubai. It’s now called Don’t Buy and they are wherever possible ‘pushing off’ accepting deliveries.

      Emrats ‘only’ posted a $406 profit this year, considerably below forecast.

      The latest wheeze, so I hear, is that under the umbrella of emvironmental (sic) controls they are capping the water and electricity bills of the pilot fraternity. You have to realise they got free vend on their bills before so capping their utilities is causing much friction……

      • Lib says:

        Interesting stuff red dog, and something that I would imagine has been blacked out from the media, got to keep those shareholders happy.

        Its just been announced that 800 workers are to work unpaid for a month and another 4,000 employees are taking unpaid leave, while 1,400 people have volunteered to work part-time saving an approx £10 million.

        Will it be enough? I’m not sure.

  4. Gareth in Thailand says:

    Not sure how you are defining a ‘superbrand’ airline.
    I haven’t flown Emirates as in general I have no reason to go to the Emirates. I did look at them the last two times I went back to the UK with a view to a stopover but they have always been a long way from being cost competetive when compared to a direct Bangkok London flight or even a Bangkok/Dubai – Dubai/London combo using other airlines.

    Long haul,
    In regard to other airlines I’ve always found BA and Virgin to be the best for business class with Virgin edging it, however KLM are worth a look when you consider they are about 60% of the cost of the first 2. I found Air France Club class to be expensive in cost but cheap in service and Lufthansa Club class to be extremely average at best. Thai airlines are good for business class but shocking for economy. I’ve only flown Quantas once business class and swore never again due to absolutely shocking service (running out of food and drink) and a ‘couldn’t give a toss’ attitude when another passenger tried to steal my Bose noise cancelling headphones on arrival in London.
    North West Airlines now charge for alcohol in economy class yet the ticket is hardly Easyjet price so I wouldn’t recomend them. BA economy is OK as is Virgin. KLM economy is not so good and again Air France are poor.

    Short haul,
    For low fares Virgin Blue are very good, Ryanair are criminal, surly, rude and hopeless and should be avoided at all costs, Easyjet are fine but the pick of the bunch has to be AirAsia.
    I’ve always found Malaysia airlines to be nice guys to fly with but have heard others express the opposite opinion.
    The most surprisingly good airline I’ve used was AirKoryo of North Korea. Although the plane was an ancient Russian job the seating space was generous and the food plentiful and tasty (unlike that actually found in North Korea).
    When flying inside China the Chinese airlines are all pretty much the same and reasonably good but China Eastern and China Southern recently began to play TV in the cabin with the sound on the speakers rather than headphones giving you no option but to listen – not good. Asiana and ANA are both excellent with great staff but if you don’t like korean or Japanese food then maybe take your own.
    Inside of India I always found Jet airlines to be about the best of the bunch but it has been a few years since I was over there.

    To be honest most airlines are OK and the seating/food/drink tends to be similar, only the service and cabin staff tend to differentiate them as far as I can see. The exception is Ryanair, I’d rather walk than use those muppets.
    Hope this helps any would be flyers.

    One thing I have always puzzled about is why a laptop must be removed from its canvas/leather bag to go through the X ray machine yet it is not actually switched on or examined whilst a calcualtor or MP3 player does not. Is there some special relationship between X rays, lap tops and bags that doesn’t exist between other electrical equipment?

    NB, I’m sure under his own name or some witty pseudonym we’ll get the stock response about me lording it so everyone prepare those chckle muscles.

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Actually Big Fella, nothing needs to be added!

      You said it all!

      Arf arf arf snigger har (bugger!)snigger snigger!

    • Jim says:

      Cheers Gareth,

      The funniest airline I’ve flown in Kalhua in south Africa (not sure of spelling) with 20 something cabin crew..

      PA address was along the lines of ‘Elderly people don’t fasten your seatbelts as you could die first anyway’ ‘ leave your valuables wherever you like as the plane may not land’ -all lol but some took in bad taste.

  5. Pompous Git says:

    You have my full sympathy with regard to that Fish blokey there GIT, snigger snigger snigger, I mean Har har har……

    Crass, teenage, homofixated m@stvrb@ting individual that he is.

    However, in my experience nothing beats BA First Class. I really can’t understand why anyone would consider Business / Club or the plethora of other titles given to the lower air travel classification endured by people of lower social and industry status.

    And as for no frills airlines……… Doh! Don’t even discuss.

    GIT my good fellow, I strongly urge you to get yourself promoted so the Corporation might lavish First Class on you also. A man of your standing should not have to put up with anything less.

    And as for your treasured Bose noise cancelling headphones, I really don’t understand the fuss, couldn’t you get another pair?

    Superiorly yours

    Pompous Git

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