GO! Tweet about about it, Iran as Tehran tweets!

Posted on June 18th, 2009 by Jim

Many of you on twitter yet?

The 140 tip-taps of the micro blogging site  appears to be the lifeblood for Iranians to get the word out.

 Word of mouth, blogs, Twitter and other social networks have enabled the protesters to get their views known and organise themselves. Even though the authorities are battling to shut down various online services, the messages and pictures still keep popping up as the comms goes on:


No doubt the hundreds of thousands of people who read the various bloggers from Iran like what they read; otherwise they wouldn’t venture onto the streets so much. So great has the notion of Twitter‘s role in the Iranian protests become that the U.S. State Dept. reportedly asked the company to defer some maintenance. Twitter says it rescheduled maintenance work from June 15 to later the next day, or about 1:30 a.m. in Iran. “It made sense for Twitter…to keep services active during this highly visible global event,” the San Francisco company said on its blog.

As many bloggers & facebookers still shun twitter with this example in mind share you comments here on where you see this microblogging service going, in of course, 140 tip-taps of less! The future of media, an integral part of it or a craze that will pass. Comments welcomed, wherever you are. Cheers….

16 Responses to “GO! Tweet about about it, Iran as Tehran tweets!”

  1. O'DB says:

    Twitter’s a useful communication medium, & seems to have worked particularly well during the fall-out from the Iran elections, getting around alleged attempted communications black-out (mobile phones, internet sites) & allowing reports/pics to be posted as protests happened.

    But, should still be kept in mind that Twitter being a new comms medium will be heavily adopted by young, liberal & techno-phillic elements of society. Consequently there is likely to be a bias to this demographic, which maybe even more apparent & polarised in a authoritarian theocracy such as Tehran & Iran. This idea is well covered in the following article:


    So, I’m all for comms/info sharing via Twitter & its transparency means that it can really useful for real-time global news & updates but it isn’t perfect: stories have no journalistic filter (which is also a plus) so stories are often unsubtantiated, without rigorous fact checks, & although democractic in the sense it is open to all, will often display a liberal bias due to the young, techo-literate demographic that adopts such comms 1st.

    • Jim says:

      your mention of ‘fact checks’ could read ‘fat cheques’ (wordsmith) and I wonder what money making schemes the twitter web will weave O’DB.

      If it is that powerful where does the cash come from?

      • O'DB says:

        Not sure I understand …

        Are you asking how twitter will be monetised? I don’t know, but they’re certainly working towards a business model & with Google sniffing round have a good chance of making it work.

        Or are you suggesting that its popularity & power is due to heavy backing from undisclosed benefactors? Not anything I’ve heard & think it’s really taken off organically so not sure I can see it …

        • Jim says:

          The latter O’Db, with the new power, more powerful than traditional media as the world looks on as a game of government versus hackers ensues….


          You sunk my battleship etc*
          *Wearing new nike yellow trainers & pulling it off

          • O'DB says:

            Jimmy … are you suggesting … that Twitter has financial backing to help its onward march of transparency & disclosure shining a light of truth into the darker recesses of the news of the world? I think it’s got power through numbers & immediacy & transparency, but don’t think it’s got major financial backing from vested agencies (governments). & as argued already, it is flawed in that its ‘democracy’ already has an inherent bias due to the typical & dominant users (young, tech savvy & usually liberal).

            & yes, you look very pretty in your yellow/blue Nikes. To misquote Uptown they’re ‘dope in plastic’. I remember you being pretty reluctant, preferring the blue/orange, till I pressed that yellow/blue was, to steal modern day parlance, a good look. & don’t you go forgetting that, nor the blue/orange – they’re good, too.

            Stylists to the Stars & Jim

  2. uncle cyril says:

    I disagree ODB

    what incensed me in iran was the fact that women were allowed to protest. when was this passed? They should have been ironing/cooking/cleaning NOT protesting.

    • O'DB says:

      Haha. Nice notice (Jim’ll explain that catch-phrase).

      Never miss a trick, even if the contradiction of an apparently sexist patriarchal society allowing women to protest is a non-sequitur to my point of the fallibility of Twitter as sole new source with its young & liberal users. Might need a comedy ruling on that one – how about Peter Cook, QC, to adjudicate?

      • Jim says:


        (Say in life coaches voice)

        • O'DB says:

          Great re-frame. Nice notice.

          I’ve got to start peppering my every day language with these ‘life coach’ terms – coupled with my near encyclopaedic knowledge of middle managerese I could really start pushing the envelope of my oustide the box, blue sky thinking.

          Anyone for BS bingo?

  3. Oussama Salah says:

    Well ever since I joined witter I got most of my breaking news real time there. Further the amount of articles and web sites I read while tweeting almost tripled. And the claim that it is only followed by “young, tech savvy & usually liberal” is far from the truth, I follow about 1750 and the majority are mid 30s+ and a lot of them are conservative.
    Twitter is a media which will do whatever you want it to, you can gossip, discuss software, food, politics….. whatever turns your fancy.

    The fact that the Iranian Liberals are using it says a lot about their opponents, who choose to communicate their message differently. Iran did block twitter and FB and only returned the facility under world pressure.

    So… Its there for anyone to use tastefully

    • Jim says:

      Interesting your mid 30′s call, most of my follows are similar, possibly upwards, Oussama.

      Summed up nicely ‘ to use tastefully’ and that where the fine line of to moderate or not comes into play.

      At flowers freedom of speach is key and it’s sadly meant people are offended and leave or others come on just to take shots at others, often uncalled for.

      Either way, online freedom of speach is clearly breaking new grounds with this Iran case leading the way.

      All this and Paris Hilton is tweeting about being here in Doob-bye!

    • O'DB says:

      Stand by my assertion that Twitter is largely used by ‘young, tech savvy & usually liberal’ people.

      Yes, it’s a generalisation which will never be 100% accurate but with this in mind I still feel it’s the more accurate description of most of the users. Of course ‘young’ is a relative term but the stats here suggest that users are almost entirely under middle age (78% lie in the 18-49 age group; if that’s too broad/old then the biggest user group is 18-34 ages with almost 1/2, 47%, of all users) …


      Tech savvy would prob’y be hard not argue with (early & persistent adopters are often web-designers, developers, software engineers, basically anything to do with technology).

      Liberal is harder to argue (& find stats on) but based on the younger, technology capable demographic that is clearly using Twitter I’d still be confident in making the assertion that Twitter users are ‘usually liberal’ in their political leanings.

      I don’t deny it’s not there for everyone to use – assuming they have a computer, internet connection – & its inclusivity & transparency are key strengths in its ability to grow, but that doesn’t stop the early adopters & persistent users from being largely composed of the demographic I 1st stated. Not just my opinion, the user stats appear to back this statement up.

  4. Twitter’s simplicity and versatility is what makes it so powerful. It is here to stay. With our short attention spans, 140 characters is more than enough

  5. Gareth in Thailand says:

    I guess it all depends how much time you get to spend on line. Some people are real ‘web heads’ whilst others simply don’t have the time or inclination.
    Personally I have been spending way less time on line in the past few months, this site being one of the few I visit on a semi regular basis.

    On another note I do find it laughable that the Barry Obama is having a pop at Iran when the US hardly has a great recent history in elections – re: Florida recount and so on.
    As well as Gordon Brown having a go at the treatment of the demonstrators after Britain recently killed and kettled demonstrators in London.
    As usual its the lads in glass houses throwing stones.

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