56 face tattoos when you only wanted 3?

Posted on June 17th, 2009 by Jim

Oh dear! Sky news reported today how a Belgium teenager is sueing a tattoo artist who decorated her face with FIFTY SIX stars after she fell asleep during the process. Kimberley Vlaeminck claims she only asked for THREE.

Here is Kimberley on Sky news and to make her feel a bit better here’s a selection of some freaky tattoos from around the world:

YouTube Preview Image

The Tattooist insists she asked for 56 stars on her face, she denies all knowledge of wanting that many!

What is the next step? Demand a refund, get a few moons stencilled on or laser them off? What would you do at a time when ultimately service exceeded your expectations? Do tell and please keep out of the sun until it has healed.

23 Responses to “56 face tattoos when you only wanted 3?”

  1. Lib says:

    Waaaaa! This has properly made my day, what a muppet for having 3 on there in the 1st place.

    And how on earth do you fall asleep in a tattoo parlour!

    Any form of customer service hasn’t exceeded my expectations for years, that in itself is a very sad state of affairs.

    • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

      Blimey youz lot!

      Guess who came round ours last night fer a bit ov tea an that?!

      Yep, only Michelle!

      Michelle O’Bama!

      Right dead proper nice an that she is! Brought er kids along too she did! Wots their names now….. Nasher and Malaria. Pretty girls an all, but bloomin eck! Talk bout bad mannered….!

      Went straight upstairs on their own like they didst, an started emptiyin mine an my David’s underwear drawers an all right!

      An that Malaria, she came down wiv a pair ov my David’s Y fronts on er ead, an that Nasher she only sewed up all the openins in my Y fronts where I get me middle leg out ov wen I is off to the toilet see, an I went to get changed an go to the toilet like an I nearly adst an accident!!

      Me! An accident!

      So like my David, he’s ever so polite fer one so young you knows, he says, “Theyz is only kidz Miche, so like dons’t you go worryin or nuffink an weze is avin lamby lamb lamb fer us teas tonight weze is, wiv carrots an all! Yippee, me favourite that is see!”

      One ov my faves too that like!

      An Miche, she just goes, “Yeuch!”

      Reckon them kids gets their bad manners from er we does……. Coz theys chirps up, “Lamby lamb lamb an carrots is like just sick it is Elts you poof, come on mam, were out ov ere weze is!” as theyz stuck their spuggy gum to the parler wall right…….!

      An off they went into that Airforce 1 parked outside, wiv that Prez Barrington Womble O’Bama in is pilots outfit, all sticky out ears an smirkin whilst he was revvin up the engines see.

      Think theyz woz in a rush see, off to see that Gordon Brown to teach im ow to stop breavin fru is mouf an only breav fru is nose before eadin back to that Whitehous right…..

      Won’t be voting fer im again I wons’t!!!!!

      Got to clean that bubble spuggy off ov the parler wall now we av………

  2. uncle cyril says:

    its a scam by the girl

    a tattoist will draw the tattoo on first then it will be agreed on

    the pain as well would mean she’d be awake

    in short

    a scam

    • Lib says:

      An un/pretty elaborate scam though? I can think of better ways to make money.

      She might as well have had a big penis drawn on her head.

  3. Jim says:

    Those stars on 45, keep on turning in my mind,

    Or clearly on her face, poor kid!

  4. bill says:

    Hi Jim
    I have no sympathy whatsoever with this STUPID girl

  5. Yes, there is something not quite right about her claim – why would one want any stars on their face in the first place?!

    As for weird tattoos, check out http://yourtattoosucks.com/

    Some weird and funny examples there!

  6. I once went for a yoga session where this famous teacher, David Sye, had Indian gods and goddesses all over his torso.

    Quite freaky when he contorted his body into almost impossible poses!


  7. uncle cyril says:

    ‘almost impossible’

    erm point of order. something is either impossible or possible. there is no almost.

    if i may arvinds text should read

    ‘quite freaky when he contorted his body into completely possible poses’

  8. A/C says:

    I think this is so funny…

    Firstly what sort of idiot gets tats on their face..
    Let alone 3.. whats the differences 3 or 56, quite frankly its stupid..

    She is and idiot for asking for it and he is stupid for doing it..

  9. I have one accidental tattoo where I pricked my fingertip with an ink pen. I don’t need any more ink under my skin. I have quite enough scars, freckles and other identifying marks.

  10. Svasti says:

    Seriously, which of the 56 stars was the one that caused her to wake up? The last one?

    There’s no chance you can sleep while having your face repeatedly pierced by a sharp needle. Especially when they’re near your eyes and on your nose!

    Being tattooed myself, I can only suggest she was a) awake and fully on board, then changed her mind; or, b) heavily sedated in some way.

    Tried looking at the design to work out if she really did only agree to three, which three? There’s nothing that looks like a discrete design for three stars.

    Definitely something fishy in Denmark here!

  11. Gareth in Thailand says:

    I think the key point is that she was fine until her old man showed up and started having a go.
    As I read it the tattooist is claiming it only started getting a bit heated when her dad turned up.

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