Swine flu part 2, Abu Dhabi Dooooooooo?

Posted on June 16th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai – my heart skipped a beat as I glided through the predatoresque H1N1 detector at Abu Dhabi airport. I glanced across and resisted the temptation to do the ‘Tales of the unexpected’ dance, possibly semi-naked:

YouTube Preview Image

Neighbouring Qatar has just announced the first two cases with a Canadian Doctor the first up here in the Emirates.

A true pandemic or a conspiracy theory to glance us away from the credit cruch and I wonder what effect this has had on global travel?

Do tell, tales of the unexpected dance optional – does swine flu worry YOU?

10 Responses to “Swine flu part 2, Abu Dhabi Dooooooooo?”

  1. red dog says:

    Nahhh, it’s just a load of pig’s trotters.

    In the US between Jan and May 13,000 people died from complications of seasonal flu (common and garden influenza). Didn’t see that in the news!

    Yes it’s a new strain and yes it can be dangerous but so can driving on the UAE’s roads Jimbolino.

    On the news today one is SEVEN times more likely to die on the roads of the UAE than the UK, which is a bit scary considering the UK has 65 million inhabitants compared to UAE’s 5 or so (ahem)

  2. Lib says:

    I don’t think it’s a massive worry at all, the infected far outweigh the dying. I think it merits its pandemic status as it is truly a erm, pandemic but a pandemic of a, what seems to be, relatively harmless virus.

    Watch that come back to bite me on the aristotle.

  3. kathleen says:

    I was not concerned until an otherwise healthy school teacher died recently from complications. I really cannot believe there were no underlying health issues, or perhaps swine flu was just suspected. They are going to push that vaccine though once it arrives.

  4. uncle cyril says:

    its just a strain of flu

    thats it

    tradiitonal flu kills more people than it does anyway

  5. ahrcanum says:

    Abu Dhabi? No such local detectors between any of the states that I know of- tho perhaps for international flights. U.S. Tax dollars at work!

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