GO! Survive on Pasta, flower

Posted on May 28th, 2009 by Jim

‘The belly rules the mind’.  ~Spanish Proverb

What food so you know that can rule your mind? Mine is hot, spicy Indian curry!

Second favourite is Italian and I’ve just dug up this Dolmio sauce skit (remix in Glaswegian) that claims you can survive up to 3 weeks on  the stuff:

YouTube Preview Image

Porridge is pretty unbeatable when it comes to slow release energy throughout the day.  Any other food facts welcomed right here!

3 Responses to “GO! Survive on Pasta, flower”

  1. Pompous Git says:

    Aaah….. Foreign foods James,

    Speaking as a well travelled man of the world, I am pleased to say that I have sampled every single dish and type of cuisine therein.

    Marvellous stuff this food. I heartily recommend large bowls of rice for Asian workers. Packed full of carbohydrates, it keeps them going on the production line for hours and hours on end without breaks.

    However, when stocking your staff canteen with foodstuffs, be careful to avoid meats, fish fruits or poultry.

    Start feeding those idle thickos fancy stuff and they begin to get a bit above their station, know what I mean.

    Managerially yours,

    Pompous Git

  2. Jim says:

    Message received PG….

    Just thought you could start an advice column and call it…

    PG tips.

    • Pompous Git says:

      That is such a dreadful pun, not to mention being rather an insolent one.

      How is it possible that a respected member of the senior executive classes could be confused with Premium Grade tea leaf Tips?

      Builder’s bum tea versus Captain of Industry?

      Preposterous boy!

      What is it you teenage, no life, internet surfers do all day when your not downloading porn?

      That’s it Jimmy James, meet Mrs Hand…… Oh, sorry, I see you’re well acquainted.

      Snigger snigger snigger DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!

      Yours, desperate to appear imposing,

      Pompous GIT

      Arf arf

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