Go! Tell me a story

Posted on May 26th, 2009 by Lib

I’m reading a most excellent one at the moment actually, Shantaram, written by Gregory David Roberts.

Its the kind of book that completely engages your imagination and almost invites you in to witness the story unfold before you. I shan’t harp on about it but suffice to say that I do like a good story.


So have you heard/read/written any good stories recently?

Short or long, true or embellished, funny or sad, deposit your stories here please and sssshhh!! be quiet as people are trying to read…..

19 Responses to “Go! Tell me a story”

  1. sarah says:

    I have many waiting for me to read but I haven’t got the time yet to finally put down my work and laze around with a good book.

    • Lib says:

      I know exactly what you mean Sarah, I’ve not enjoyed a book in quite a while as I’ve only devoted a couple of pages at a time but I’ve made a special effort with this book and it’s paid off.

      Heard any stories recently?

      • Pompous Git says:

        I thought I would share this with all my loyal Flowers, after all, it presented a minor dilemma, which I dealt with in the most professional manner I thought.

        My boss, Global Director of Corporate Smugness intimated to me (in his one-on-one way which he uses with his trusted Senior Director reportees) that due to the global economic downturn we shall have to retrench certain employees within our impressive multi-national automotive industry corporation

        I am delighted to report that I have been nominated to sack these lazy b@st@rds, which I shall, with compassion, with understanding, with thoroughness and lots of sincerity.

        I have been preparing my opening letting-them-go-speech;

        “Automotive parts, be they piecemeal or constructed, are part of a very serious and important industry, vital to the world’s economy, and a fabulous opportunity for us senior executives to feel superior due to the forelock tugging culture inherent in our corporation.

        I am a senior executive and very happy to report that my own position is confirmed as being safe. I am sure this will not take you by surprise, after all I am one of the few able to deliver to tight deadlines due to my unfailing dedication to the corporation.

        I have a degree in mathetics, you are thick.

        I have been to Greece, Tenerifey and other fancy exotic places, you have only been to your own back yard.

        I speak English as my mother tongue and understand far more than you oiks.

        I am so most, veribbly, terribly sorry, but you are all sacked.


        So Flowers, what do you think?

        Right or wrong?

        And here’s a real brain teaser, what would you say in this situation and why would you say it?

        Dooooooooooo tell………………….

        No sniggering, its not allowed…………….

        Arf arf arf arf arf

        Pompous Git

        • Lib says:

          Lol Pompous!

          That would be a story and a haf!

          • Pompous Git says:

            It’s not funny Lib, you mustn’t make light of it.

            These people dissed me an me corp, right sis!

            So I is gonna sack em!

            Who’s for a glass of bubbly?

            Snigger snigger snigger!

            Oh DAMMIT!!!

            Arf arf arf

            Yours sincerely,

            Pompous Git

        • Me like says:

          Me like. Everyone to speak like this. And everyone to have a Red Indian name. Pompous Git can be He Who Sniggers Like a Fish.

          Where is He Who Sings Songs with a Wig?

  2. Jim says:

    Loving that writer image you’ve used Lib and Shantaram is a quality read. Oddly enough I read it when I was visiting RYK and the team in Mumbai – holed up in Leopolds cafe which sadly became famous after the Mumbai seige.

    Guy Ritchie & Madonna were in the cafe 2 months previous looking at locations for the film Shantaram….

    The end of their relationship may have stalled the project somewhat!

    Following Slumdog success and the parallels of poverty stricken India it would be a well timed realsed for 2010 me thinx.



    • Lib says:

      Aaah, now it makes sense how I recognise Leopolds! I thought it was a fictional name but obviously not, doh.

      I have to admit my heart dipped a little when you said that Guy Ritchie was possibly involved, I don’t think he’d be able to give it the beauty or the richness it deserves. Perhaps, Ang Lee or Sofia Copaloadofthis.

      I did hear that Johnny Depp was to play Lin which would also completely ruined for me and I’m not sure why.

      • Jim says:

        Sofia who? Blimey….

        Depp is still penned into play Lin – I’d have opted for a more Nic cage type myself…

        • uncle cyril says:

          I’d go for Steve ‘Kerry Mahoney’ Guttenberg star of the incomparable Police academy series. One of the greatest actors of his generation.

          • Lib says:

            Sofia Coppola – Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter.

            And Nick Cage is a good shout actually, or I wouldn’t mind a bit of Hugh Jackman. In the role.

            Might be a bit too old now though.

          • Lib says:

            I see where you’re coming from UC.

            He’s penned as a comic actor but his method acting talents are not talked about often enough.

  3. bill says:

    Here is a story.
    Once upon a time there was a little boy,an only child living with his parents.
    One day his mummy came back from hospital with a little baby girl.
    The little boy and his parents loved this little girl. AND THEY STILL DO

  4. uncle cyril says:

    I appreciate the comments lib however to say ‘SG’ or ‘Stevie darling’ as larry Olivier used to refer to him can only do comedy is a bit out of line.
    After all I have watched the harrowing tales of gritty urban police work in the ‘PA’ series and never once have i come even close to laughter.
    Three men and a little lady had me in tears though. Tears of angst for guttenberg and selleck and the other bloke as they struggled to cope with the baby. a cutting piece on mans inabilty to observe and indeed act upon the natural maternal role in society and how gender imbalances negate mans need to be in touch with his feminine side. another oftput forward theory is that (and this is from gutenbergs own mouth) ‘the baby represents the eastern bloc pre 1989 and the three men represent the US, Western europe and asia and how they fail to cope and incorporate the communist states into the capitalist role.

    in many ways gutenberg was foreseeing the rise of oligarchs through corruption years before we were aware of it.

    • Lib says:


      Any insight into the blinder that was Cockoon?

      • Purple13 says:

        …. but you have to agree the music score was good – got me all misty eyed it did… that and the final moments of Batteries not Included….

        • Pompous Git says:

          Got you all misty-eyed?

          Bout time you went home, poured yourself a stiff drink and asked yourself,

          “Man or Housewife?”

          I’ll wager you wouldn’t last 3 seconds in the Corporate World of Unnecessarily Inflated Egos.

          Stand up straight! Wash those dishes! And side part your hair now!


          Sack em all,

          I’m off to teach them foreign workers, in whose country I reside, how to count to 10 and obey commands.

          Officious little prickly yours,

          Pompous Git

          Snigger snigger snigger

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