Thailand beer towels come at a price for tourists!

Posted on May 22nd, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai where stealing, pinching and borrowing of any kind is not tolerated, even in extreme cases of kleptomania.

dubaibanWhat about Annice Smoel? The Australian Mother of 4  who faced a possible five-year jail sentence for theft after two of her girlfriends hid a pub towel in her handbag as a prank?

It happened earlier this week in a bar in Phucket, Thailand and after days of publicity about her case, and support from politicians, including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Victorian Premier John Brumby, Ms Smoel acknowledged the media storm that helped bring her home with a 1000 Baht fine.

Politicians from all levels offered help as they responded to the story of a “ridiculous” and “over-the-top” reaction to the alleged theft. Thai authorities saw potential damage to their tourist industry and were ready to make a deal that culminated in Ms Smoel’s early release.

In this gripping Thai news report (hold onto your seats – this must have been done is someones living room and must qualify for one of the worse delivered news casts ever) they confirm she is as free as a bird now:

YouTube Preview Image

Maybe the Thai authorities should take action and sack amateur news readers?

I ask you though – did they over react and hands up, what have you ‘begged, borrowed or stolen’ over the years whilst sober, tipsy or as nissed and a pewt?  Confession time – comments and drunken memorbilia welcome right here, Hic!

4 Responses to “Thailand beer towels come at a price for tourists!”

  1. RYK says:

    Why is that whenever UK or Australian tourists get into trouble overseas the government & media intervenes instead of allowing a trial? Are they saying that courts outside Australia, in this case Thailand, are not fair?

    In India there was a case 10 years back of a UK guy, Peter Bleach, who had illegally dropped arms by air into a district of West Bengal. He was sentenced by an India court, rightly so, to life imprisonment. But in 2004 due to a request by the UK prime minister he was given a presidential pardon and released. Why? Why does the UK government protect criminal activities by its citizens?

    The UK is not alone in doing this, the US does it too. An Indian friend of mine was drunk in Dubai and banged his car. His first reaction to escape the police was to call up another friend of mine, an American, who he barely knew and had just met once at a party, to come an take the rap! Amazingly the American, Kent, went ahead and did that and he did not even have a driving license. But he knew the minute the police discovered he was American they would simply tell him to go. Which is exactly what happened!

    • Gareth in Thailand says:

      No idea RYK, however I am not a fan of the government intervening in this sort of thing but on the other hand it was a bit much recently for that Aussie ‘writer’ to get sent to jail for uttering a few lines about the Thai royalty in a book that nobody bought, he should have really been sentenced to time for being so skinny and a crying blouse about the whole thing.

      Bottom line if you break the law you should face the music wherever you are, unless you’re in France in which case give le old bill a pasting and any bystanders that happen to be around for good measure.

  2. Peter Green says:

    In the days when bar towels were plentiful on tables a nd bars in pubs we were all “souveniring” them and 20 years ago as an Australian in Britain I decided to buy and sell them!

    Still do!


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