GO! Watch Europe become muslim, flower!

Posted on May 17th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai folks!

Got a spare 7 minutes? How about learning how Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims.

YouTube Preview Image

Word is by 2025 one third of all European births will be Muslim as it becomes a Muslim continent.

Thoughts welcomed, wherever you are!

Does this really matter anyway as we’re all humans together, right?

9 Responses to “GO! Watch Europe become muslim, flower!”

  1. Kathleen says:

    I don’t know about this..I’m not sure that this is not a bit askew, in general. There are too many variables, including natural and man-made disasters that wipe out whole populations to even try to predict anything in the world with confidence.

  2. Lib says:

    Blimey, is that video the new PPB from the BNP?

    I love the way that its painted as a bad thing, it might be the best thing that’s ever happened to us!

    And I can gaurantee that those power point figures have been sensationalised to within an inch of their very flimsy life.

    It’s like a Daily Mail article but in video format.

  3. Mark in Peru says:

    So what is the message here, “shag for Jesus” it seems. How said that this kind bullshit propaganda exists.

    There is a small minority of Muslims who believe in violence as a way of life, and for that reason millions of people are vilified as being evil.

    I know very little about Islam, but am sure that at the heart of the religion the message is one of peace and love. This message is at the core of all religions, but then it gets warped and perverted by those seeking to use it for their own power. I believe that this has happened in the Christian church as much as in the Muslim faith.

    How many wars have been fought, and continue to be fought, over religion. It is so crazy.

    I believe in God, I do not believe in religion, because their central ideas of truth and love get distorted out of all proportion.

    The God I believe in is made out of pure love. He does not believe that some of his children are good and others evil. That some are right and others wrong. My God does not judge.

    A world where you believe God to be judgmental and vengeful must be a pretty horrible world to live in. To all those in that position, I would say “get a new God”.

  4. RYK says:

    First of all, the flaw in this video lies in linking Religion to Culture. Princeton University defines cluture as “the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group”, it is not associated to religion.

    With this flaw in place, the video says that because Islam is spreading in Europe & the US, it’s culture will change/ european culture will be lost. The two are not connected. Culture tends to be a very regional thing. The cuture of an Arab who is a muslim, is vastly different from say an Indonesian who is also a muslim. Similarly, the culture of an Indian Catholic, their eating habits, tastes in clothes, art, music, etc, is vastly different from that of say a German Catholic. I have seen both and have friends on both sides, and I can tell you that their religion is the least of their common ground even if there was one. Common ground is found not due t religion, but due to outlook towards arts, society, values, fashion, etc. And very often due to which brand of Scotch you prefer!

    Secondly, it can be argued that a large percentage of Europe, US & Canada is no longer devout Christian. Everyone knows that there Church has been in decline for years. Amongst the contemporary, religion is passe. There was a large campaign in the UK 2 months back which took out ads that said “There is probably no God, now go enjoy yourself”; and Obama at inauguration said “we are a nation of Christians, Jews, Moslems and Non-Believers”, consciously admitting and reaching out to the large population of non-believers, showing that they have are larger enough to be mentioned in a presidential inauguration, along with the economic crisis, Iraq, North Korea, The environment and Osama bin Laden!

    Thirdly, lets come to what the video implies: that due to vase immigration into Europe, there is a chance of losing our culture. What is that? Sitting in cafes and sipping wine? Or working 35 hrs a week, or if you are French going on strike all Summer long? He need not worry about religion changing that culture, MTV is changing that culture. Now its all about being a Gangsta and a Ho! talk to the parents of any kids and check out the kids in their sneakers and baggies to see what I mean. Further I don’t think Europe has to worry about losing its culture. On the contrary, the world has to worry about becoming Europeanised. Already in Japan & India its pants and skirt winning vs saree, kimono and shalwar kameez. Its the English language winning vs local languages. Immigrants in the US & UK are always moaning about their kinds growing up to be “westernised” or “aliens” !

    The video has got it all wrong. What the stats show is:
    1. Birth rate in W. Europe is falling
    2. There is immigration from various parts of the world (including Eastern Europe) which is being added rapidly
    3. There is no evidence that this immigration is causing ANY change to European culture. As explained above culture is changing due to other factors (MTV, et al).

  5. Jim says:

    Cheers for your take on it RYK and lol with the french cafe society analogy!

  6. uncle cyril says:

    erm no evidence that immigration is causing any change to european culture.

    sorry but thats not true

    newspapers can no longer really speak out against islam for fear of being targeted. large bangladeshi enclaves with street signs in that language and in urdu littering east london. believe me the way the uk bends over to islam is embarassing and definitely evident on a day to day basis.

    and this is a bad thing as its a medieval oppressive religion. watch this comment get bumped

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