GO! Feed the world with TNT and move the world!

Posted on May 12th, 2009 by Jim

please_sir_cropHi from Dubai where TNT have recently been in touch with GSTF about their work with the World Food Programme with this thought for the day:

To feed the worlds’ 59 million hungry schoolchildren would cost $3billion per year. In 2007 $107billion was spent on fast food globally – Go! Figure!


TNT and World Food Programme have had a special relationship for several years, during which time they have built schools, provided clean and safe water supplies, delivered emergency aid to disaster zones and very importantly fed thousands of hungry children around the world. This year in the UAE TNT decided to take a different approach, operating a ‘Twinning Programme’, which in effect means they take the responsibility to support and develop a specific school in Nicaragua.

At the end of March a representative of TNT UAE visited Nicaragua on a five day field visit to see first hand the work WFP does on the ground and the plans that have been created to try and further assist these very poor people…..here is his exclusive account of the flower smelling visit….

A fairquestion to answer is ‘Why Nicaragua?’ It’s a fair point; and TNT thought a long time about it when they have equally needy communities much closer to where we live. The TNT business unit is made up of a number of diverse countries, from UAE & Saudi Arabia at the richer end, to Chile and Namibia at the other end of the spectrum. By putting all their efforts in one direction and for one cause will make the results so much more powerful, ultimately we will be helping children who really need the support and it doesn’t particularly matter where they live.

Nicaragua is a Central American country with 5.5 million people. 46% of those people live in poverty and 15% are in extreme poverty. The country has no real natural resources and the infrastructure is regularly destroyed by extreme weather, earthquakes and lives under the threat of one of its active volcanoes waking up.

After arriving we all transferred from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, two hours away to Matagalpa, the region most in need of their help and the base for journeys out to the schools.

The hotels they stayed in were not quite the Burj al Arab, but there was a reasonable bed, shower facilities and we were fed at regular mealtimes. These things we consider basics are beyond the imagination of most of the people they met. In most communitiestheyvisited there is no electricity supply, no running water, not even toilet facilities, so as you can imagine these people are very poor.

The work already being done in the schools is targeted well and comes directly from the previous fundraising TNT has made. Children who attend school are fed one meal per day and it consists of a balanced diet that is enough to sustain them and that’s it! There are no luxuries or extras, the meal contains one spoonful of beans, one tortilla and one small cup of water and cereal mixed into a drink and that has to last 24 hours.

We were all surprised to find out that TNT’s money is used specifically to buy this food, WFP would struggle to carry on the specific feeding programme without our support.

One of the visits they made to a small community called La Cuarenta had a schoolroom built by TNT volunteers in 2007. The locals were very happy that we had come back to see their progress and were asking what had become of the individuals that lived with them for three months, it was a very touching visit by all accounts.

It’s hard to put across in words how little these people have, however,  they are dedicated to improving themselves, they have great fun in their communities and made us feel extremely welcome into their lives. In each school they had prepared songs, dances, poetry and sports demonstrations. Some of the children were very brave standing up in front of a crowd of foreigners all snapping photographs.

In coming to a conclusion and go back to the question of why they should do it; they simply looked on it from the perspective of ‘because we can’ and it makes their staff proud to be part of a company that cares enough to do something even in these difficult economic times. (Text supplied by TNT UAE and modified for this post)

So – applause for the TNT team is in order! Helping others to GO! Smell the flowers.

They will be focusing their efforts to raise money for the children of Matagalpa in various ways throughout the rest of the year, the most visible of which will be ‘End Hunger – Walk the World’ which they will arrange all around the world each year. This year it takes place on June 5th here in Dubai and 7th in other parts of the world and will be promoted soon through the media so keep ‘em peeled!

Any comments of the TNT initiative are welcomed here, together with your experience with CSR, helping others and things that make you stop n think. Cheers!

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  1. uncle cyril says:

    ok lets get this right

    3bn to feed the kids

    107bn on junk food

    simply across the board get every fast food place to up its prices by 5% and then give the money made in the form of free fast food to the hungry.

    problem solved

    also lets consider that the 107bn on fast food stimulates the economy and provides work for families

  2. RYK says:

    “also lets consider that the 107bn on fast food stimulates the economy and provides work for families”
    - very well said. It is a proven misconception that charity and aid better help eradicate poverty a compared to consumer spending. On the contrary, money spent on aid and charity has a lower money multiples (number of people it benefits) than money spent on any type of consumption.
    Nonetheless, TNT’s heart’s in the right place and every effort counts.

  3. Red Dog says:

    The 3b/107b is irrelevant it’s just a bit of context.

    What is relevant is it’s almost impossible to make a difference without using a vehicle like WFP to get the money where it’s meant to be. Most if not all governments in needy countries are corrupt. For example in Nicaragua more is spent on politics than on health and education together.

    Hungry kids, hungry adults, what’s the difference and why do anything. Well because ‘we’ can and it’s what sets us apart from true natural selection.

    We could rely on ‘survival of the fittest’ but then should we stop sending firemen to blazes?

  4. Fertile Fish says:

    Hey aren’t TNT just bloomin great!

    Fair enough some hungry kids will benefit that’s the good side.

    What I have a problem with is marketing campaigns (which this is) designed to make us support the advertiser (which tends to be the case with marketing campaigns….) all tricked out as ‘corporate social responsibility’.

    Nonsense, it’s advertising, plain and simple.

    Here’s a thought for TNT though, I will continue to use DHL as they are always cheaper, so what’s the most effective way to differentiate yourself from your business competitor when what you all offer is exactly the same service?

  5. Lib says:

    How about this quote though FF by John Ruskin?

    “”There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey.”

    • Fertile Fish says:

      And that is where the big courier companies don’t fit….

      Pepsi v Coke – 2 very different tasting cola brands (in my opinion)

      Dairy Milk v Galaxy – 2 very different tasting chocolate brands

      Ford v GM – a whole host of different products competing in the same categories, selling on bona fide features and benefits unique to their respective vehicle models.

      But DHL v TNT v UPS v FedEx……? All any of them does is pick up and deliver anywhere in the world within similar time frames and allow you to track your consignments online.

      If you don’t count uniforms and personality of the people who service your account, the products they sell (ie services) are identical with no tangible differentiators other than price.

      Aside from DHL’s Jumbo Box of course, which TNT don’t have an equivalent for.

  6. Red Dog says:

    Well FF what an interesting point of view, which of course you are entitled to. Perhaps you will indulge me as someone who speaks from a position of knowledge on this specific subject.

    Firstly though perhaps you should listen to the words to this


    It came on the radio on the way to work this morning and sort of hits home?

    Your point about marketing would have been correct apart from a few areas:
    - TNT have been doing this since 2002 and as you don’t mention that you knew all about it the marketing campaign has been pretty poor.
    - Since 2002 $60 million has been given to the WFP in aid and support, the staff have donated over $15 million
    - Hundreds of staff volunteers put their lives on hold for 3 months to go and live in inhospitable parts of the world to make a difference – I don’t remember any billboards, TV, radio or DM on any of this? If you do please tell me…..
    - As a publicly listed company TNT cannot flush it’s money away, so if it were a marketing campaign the ROI is pretty poor because I don’t know any client who uses it due to the CSR

    Philanthropy is never ‘for free’, there’s a price at some level.

    In a similar vein when Bill Gates put the majority of his fortune into his foundation do you think he was expecting a spike in the sale of MS Office or Vista?

    I’m sorry TNT didn’t offer you a good enough commercial deal and DHL really is a great company so you can’t lose. However, again speaking from a position of authority for the ‘right’ sort of business I find TNT to be very commercially attractive.

    All the best
    Dog of the Red variety

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Dear dog with no name, it really is most marvellously generous of you to permit me to hold my own opinion.

      And of course I wholeheartedly support your desire for me to indulge your right to air your views also.

      But perlease….. DO NOT subject us to the most dull, trivial, boring, inconsequential, tedious, wearisome listening ‘pop star’ in the history of the genre, that Phil Collins undoubtedly is. Whenever he comes on air, its turn the channel time over for me.

      However, I am somewhat confused by your readiness to pontificate about what I do and do not know, it is hardly in keeping with the spirit of GSTF.

      But I should point out that given your conviction of seeming support for this marketing campaign, likely greater than average knowledge of its history and your own personal commercial attraction to TNT, I just cannot help wondering if you are an employee of said organisation.

      I think that could be a strong possibility.

      So go on, “Do tell” (as they are so oft heard to say in the Exclusive GSTF Contribounders Club) what makes you a person, “speaking from a position of authority for the ‘right’ sort of business.” You were so keen to let us know this you even told us twice…….

      Just because we don’t see a history of billboards or TV ads does not mean this marketing campaign is borne out of philanthropy.

      I would stake my life on the fact the ultimate decision maker for this marketing campaign in TNT at some point asked him/herself the question:

      “Is this going to be good for the company?”

      I’ve got no doubt that TNT want to kid the world into thinking they are a good, caring, socially aware organisation who wants to give back to the world community out of conscience. Just as much as they want to kid themselves (or at least their employees) this is the case also.

      But what I find the sneakiest bit about marketing activity like this is the assumed notion that they don’t try to make commercial gain from it simply because there is no advertising campaign behind it.

      What nonsense!

      This blog post itself is a fine example of how such marketing campaigns work. And the more momentum they gain, the cheaper the marketing campaign becomes.

      Who remembers Smashey and Nicey, the comedic faux radio BBC Radio 1 DJs?

      Exactly……….. “I do a lot for charity mate, I just don’t like to talk about it……”

      Yeah, right…………….

      Snigger snigger snigger arf arf snigger

      Best regards,

      Fertile The Fish

      PS, for the sake of interest, my company constantly review our courier service requirements and the fact of the matter is that TNT have never beaten a price quoted by DHL.

  7. Jim says:

    Ta for the Phil clip Red Dog,

    I’d never listened to the words before or seen the vid.

    Serious question – has anyone from TNT ever DHL’d anything if you don’t mind me asking, honestly?

    • Fertile Fish says:

      TNT in Dubai actually buys space on rival courier firm’s planes. It’s not unusual, its quite an incestuous industry in that regard.

      That’s likely another reason why it is so difficult for these companies to differentiate themselves in any way other than price.

      A ‘nice’ philanthropic cause such as the one in the subject matter of this post is a good way to gain exposure whilst seeming to be socially caring, don’t you think?

      • Fertile Fish says:

        So what do you think then Jimbo?

        Am I right in your opinion?

        Or are you too busy being concerned about stepping on the toes of others when the truth may hurt?

        • Fertile Fish says:

          Still no reply then Jimothy?

          No opinion, or just no guts to express one?

          Do tell………. as they say in Exclusive etcetera yawn and bore club.

          Snigger snigger snigger

  8. Red Dog says:

    I’m glad you bit Fertile Fish, but be careful those hooks are dangerous for those of a pescatarian nature ;o)

    Out of interest which courier firms do you know TNT buy space from, that’s interesting. Of course all carriers share something somewhere in the world. Whether it be DHL using UPS for ground service in the USA or Swiss Post using TNT for it’s EMS products.

    Airlines enter codeshare agreements, motor manufacturers build different body shapes on top of identical chassis/engine combos and some factories make the same food for two different supermarkets and brand it up differently. Shock horror.

    To answer your question Jim I’ve used all carriers in my time, had good and bad experiences with ‘em all, some worse than others.

    Getting back to the subject matter, last year 250.000 people went out of their way to make a difference and raise money plus awareness for this cause.

    Does it offend so much that the good can’t be seen without seeing the bad?

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Hello DWNN,

      Which rival courier firms do TNT use to send their consignments with? Specifically I don’t know, but I do know that courier firms use the cheapest (rightly so) deals from their rivals available.

      So let’s suppose your company, TNT, is using the DHL plane, because it makes commercial sense, is this why you can’t compete with DHL on price?

      It’s an interesting observation that the automotive, food processing industry share parts, subcontract manufacturing to each other, but then the brand owners add their points of differentiation.

      No one would identify the VW Touareg as being the same as a Porsche Cayenne, yet they share the same chassis. The brand owners offer clear points of difference with what they add. This is where your industry really struggles…..

      For clarification, I do not begrudge the funds generated to help the impoverished, as stated earlier that’s all to the good.

      I just don’t buy the notion that it is not a marketing campaign.

      I guarantee you that each year TNT’s hierarchy will budget how much they are going to invest in this marketing campaign, the cost of managing the project, perhaps even the cost of sending employees to perform their marketing campaign work.

      But let’s not kid ourselves that TNT do this without seeing the obvious marketing opportunity.

      They just don’t like to talk about it…… Of course not, why should they when they can let the rest of the world do that for them!

      Marketing at its best!


      Snigger snigger snigger

  9. Red Dog says:

    Oh I’m sorry my handle is Red Dog, it just won’t come out on the system.

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Hey alright there DWNN, I’ve sussed it!

      All you have to do is type in the words “Dog With No Name” in the box at the top of your comment and………

      HEY PRESTO!!!

      Your name appears atop your comment!

      Genius that!

      Well that’s how I do mine anyway…. Aplogies if it appears a bit too IT….

      Snigger snigger snigger

      • Fertile Fish says:

        By the way there DWNN, did you ever have a CB radio…?

        I’ll just bet you did, Rubber Duck.

        Snigger snigger snigger

  10. Red Dog says:

    By the way, just going back to something you raised FF; you said:

    “it is hardly in keeping with the spirit of GSTF”

    I was also of the opinion that GSTF was about the sort of thing that WFP and Walk the World is about.

    Perhaps we can agree the cause is uppermost and whoever you use for distribution be left for another day…..

    • Gareth in Thailand says:

      As a guy who works for a company where we pretty much do not mainstream advertise due to specific & limited customer base I am glad to say we do have CSR running. Each of our plants around the world is actively involved with three initiatives targetted at areas local to the plant. One for enviromental – to (minimally) offset our footprint, one to help less fortunate individuals in the locale & one to work for increased sustainability.
      Right now I wouldn’t put us in a top league position but we’re pushing harder each year.
      The first two initiatives add zero share holder value and take voluntary contribuion from employees, we actually do it because we want to.
      I do think there genuinely are CSR initiatives out there becauseof the ‘greater good’ however I’m not in a position to gauge if TNT’s is, lets hope so.

      • Fertile Fish says:

        Hello playmates!

        You know you can always count on the Big Fella to tow the corporate line.

        That right hey GIT?

        Snigger snigger snigger

        • Fertile Fish says:

          And another thing you mention here GIT that substantiates my position.

          You stated, “we pretty much do not mainstream advertise due to specific & limited customer base I am glad to say we do have CSR running.”

          Your company does it for exactly the same reasons as TNT. It’s a cheap and effective way to advertise your company.

          But I am surprised at your naivety!

          It adds no shareholder value…..? And coming from a high flying senior executive as yourself as well!

          I think it’s time you revisited the marketing section of whatever degree course you undoubtedly passed with flying colours (deservedly so there old buddy – after all you must have been one of the top students and must have been one of the hardest, most dedicated workers on the course!!)

          Snigger snigger snigger arf arf arf!

          • Gareth in Thailand says:

            Sorry there FF, what was I thinking, of course you know far more about the company I work for than me – durrrrr.
            I’ll try & remember in future that if FF says something it must be so – and you go on and on about arrogance fnarrrr fnarrrr (is that how to do it oh seer of seers?)

          • Fertile Fish says:

            I see oh Great One………

            So the automotive giant you purport to work for does not operate its CSR program for any reason other than conscience….?

            That my friend is about as believable as you…….

            (oh, sorry, that was uncalled for, snigger snigger snigger)

            So ‘do tell’, from the lofty towers of Corporate B0((ocks Ville, just how many not-for-profit automotive companies are there in this world?

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Think you must have misinterpreted me there Dog With No Name.

      The point was about your statement of me having no prior knowledge TNT in-no-way-a-marketing-campaign activity.

  11. RYK says:

    Fertile F, If CSR comes with some marketing kick, who cares? The kids got fed, so whats the problem? Wouldn’t you rather they got fed thanks to the companies’ leveraging the work for marketing than not fed at all? No one can deny that a business is a “for profit” enterprise, so what if they leverage CSR to make some money? It’s a Win Win!

    • Gareth in Thailand says:

      Agreed. Even if its marketing at least some of the money goes to those in need & not all of it goes to Mr A N Other Saatchi.
      On another level I guess maybe all help given is done for a self serving reason. Fter say some person helps an old lady crosss the road or donates to charity generally they will feel good about themselves. So are they doing this selfishly just for the endorphins?
      As was asked earlier, why does anyone do anything.
      I guess as long as its not rammed down everyones throats then more power to the individuals as companies.

    • Fertile Fish says:

      RYK, you asked “If CSR comes with some marketing kick, who cares?”

      Well certainly not me. Thought I had made my position clear on that earlier with my first comment on this post; “hungry kids will benefit, that’s the good side.”

      The point I am making here, which no seems to agree with, is that TNT are not acting out of altruistic motivation, however I am surprised (even though know I shouldn’t be) that people, including employees of said organisations, can be duped into thinking altruism is the true motivator.

      That no one agrees with good old FF is fine, because it brings the noble corporate warriors, who would have us all believe they speak from a position of authority, out for a good slapping. Sorry, debate, snigger snigger.

      The fact that people such as DWNN and GIT start feeling all warm and cuddly as a consequence of taking part in their respective companies’ CSR programs is just another example of how strong these marketing activities are.

      Most, if not all, global corporations like to promote themselves as ‘best places to work’ (even though many, if not most of them fail miserably at matching the glossy statements they make in their annual reports on the matter). After all, it is important to have a motivated work force, who believe they work for a good company.

      However, it cannot be denied that such projects are cost effective marketing strategies, plain and simple. They clearly work both internally with employees and externally with prospective customers.

      But please, all you people in high flying corporate positions of authority, you may be gullible enough to believe your employers act out of philanthropic motivation, that’s an important part of the strategy, but please don’t try and fool us into thinking they are in some way honourable as a consequence.

      TNT’s World Food Programme is nothing more than an effective marketing campaign, plain and simple.

      Pity they don’t put as much effort into beating DHL’s prices.

      Snigger snigger snigger

      • uncle cyril says:

        sorry but i view CSR initiatives as one of two things

        1) good pr
        2) a way for corporate entities to make their employees and locale believe they care when in fact they just want to mask stuff like bad pay for employees bad work conditions and the fact that the board take 30% of the money for .0001% of the work

        yup- I am a cynic

        • Fertile Fish says:

          Shame on you Uncle Cyril!

          Calling yourself a cynic just because you can see the wood in the trees………

          You shouldn’t be so harsh on yourself there.

          The reality is you have just not been duped into applauding a multi-national corporation just because they have embarked a charity based marketing strategy that leaves their employees feeling all fuzzy, warm and furry, just like cuddly little bunny rabbits.

          • Gareth in Thailand says:

            Citizen Smith did this much better & with humour back in the 70′s – power to the people. Oooooooh foxy you are a one……

          • Fertile Fish says:


            Sorry there matey boy, but I have got to ask, is that really the best that you can do?

            Very poor………..

  12. red dog says:

    FF my dog does have a name it’s Red.

    You read viz too much, Finbarr has nothing on you.

    Can I bring you again back to the point it’s not TNT’s World Food Programm, WFP is a UN organisation that needs help as it is not funded.

    Why you have such a hangup on TNT beating DHL’s prices I’ll never understand. Perhaps secretly you’d really like to use them??

    Right, for clarity: you can read what real people do in the real world at http://www.wfp.org if you do find any references to TNT on there it’ll be because WFP is pleased to work with the company (along with UPS and Agility) not because they get free shipping (because they don’t).

    OMG I’ve just realised UPS are in on the conspiracy, damn those idiot marketeers, they’ve managed to cross bleed the message with one of their largest global competitors……….

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Hey there DWNN!

      Were you unable to follow the guidelines on how to get your name headlining your comment?

      As it stands, all your comments are from DWNN until you enter your monicker of choice in the ‘name’ box (in my opinion of course – which you did so graciously give me permission to have earlier).

      But enough of the complex IT lessons, back to the point:

      Whether it is TNT’s World Food Programme, or TNT’s association with the World Food Programme, it is utterly and totally irrelevant.

      However I do note that you are unable to defend the premise that your employer is not acting out altruistic motivation.

      There is simply no escaping the fact that CSR activities, irrespective of the good they may bring to communities, are marketing pure and simple.

      So no, I see absolutely no reason to applaud the TNT team for their efforts in this as you instructed us all to. They are only doing what any business needs to do to survive, they are promoting their company.

      End of story.

      But why the hang up about DHL v TNT prices?

      Because as a courier service client, the company I work for have never used TNT as they repeatedly come in at higher prices than DHL.

      So what with you being an employee of TNT, not to mention being someone who speaks, “from a position of authority,” (snigger snigger snigger) I think it highly appropriate to raise this question in a TNT related post.

      But you know what, I’m kind of getting the impression this an area you are not able to defend, in much the same way as you have been unable to defend the argument that TNT are involved with the WFP because it provides an effective marketing solution.

      Go on….. admit it…… you know I’m right!

      Snigger snigger snigger arf snigger arf!

  13. red dog says:

    I quite like DWNN, think I’ll keep it.

    You seem quite happy to shoot at what you perceive empty nets while avoiding the strong tackles. I understand why, it’s not such a strain (chuckle chuckle, choke).

    Have a go at giving us your thoughts on why TNT are happy to do ‘it’ alongside UPS, one of their biggest global rivals. Makes not one jot of sense if your argument that it’s an “effective marketing solution” is to wash.

    Anyway, the world walks on June 7th, Dubai on the 5th. Dust your trainers off FF or do you need a tank sent round? By DHL of course.

      • Fertile Fish says:


        It doesn’t take much to make you laff hey Jimothy.

        But when are you going to get off the fence and answer my questions to you earlier in this post?

        Or would that compromise your position as the Great Untouchable Founder if you had to take a sides with one party?

        Or are you just soft like GirlbullyfromEllesmerePort…..?

        Snigger snigger snigger

    • Fertile Fish says:

      DWNN it is then…..

      But it seems you must be a dog without conviction that you so readily drop your “handle” there Rubber Duck (snigger snigger)

      The analogy of nets is weak.

      As is your lack of ability to defend either your company’s price strategy versus DHL and, or, present a decent argument in support of the position that TNT runs this marketing campaign from the goodness of its corporate heart.

      Furthermore, your revelation that UPS et al have also jumped on the WFP bandwagon in no way weakens the argument that this is still a marketing campaign for TNT.

      I can think of a number of reasons why rival firms would do this:

      1) It dilutes the competition’s initiative
      2) It prevent competitor exclusivity in the activity
      3) It equally generates a cost effective marketing campaign for the competing business

      But I am surprised that you seemingly didn’t think of any of these reasons (or indeed any others, I feel sure there must be more than these) after all you are the person who, “speaks from a position of knowledge on this specific subject.”

      Snigger snigger snigger

      • Fertile Fish says:

        Here’s another thought as to why your tale of woe about TNT not being exclusive in its WFP marketing campaign does not stack up, DWNN, old bean:

        So TNT, UPS and others perform their WFP campaigns for purely, caring, altruistic reasons, no marketing advantage at all……….

        Do they also sponsor sports tournaments such as the Dubai Rugby 7s just because they love the sport and want to help provide enjoyment for Rugby fans?

        Or do TNT, DHL et al place signboards around the pitches because they recognise a marketing opportunity when they see it?

        Surely, using your logic and reasoning, two rivals present on the same activity must mean there can’t be any marketing advantage for either.

        Based on this flimsiest of reasoning, I can only conclude that Emirates Airline loves rugby even more than TNT, DHL, UPS, Aramex and others, cos they take the title of main sponsor!

        Just when are you going to come up with a half decent defence of your argument there DWNN?

        Snigger snigger snigger

  14. red dog says:

    Using your flimsy reasoning FF, Emirates is not in competition with express integrators and wherever possible the integrators do not both appear at high profile events.

    It would be a waste of money, but as we have our own resident Charles Saatchi on GSTF, you knew that of course.

    Your continuing flogging of the dead horse here is a little painful (but not much)and when your voice appears lone, gives me hope in the rest of humanity.

    Tell you what post a neutral hotmail address and I’ll make sure you get some ‘special’ rates and a login to the bookings area, hehe. Then again you ONLY buy on price and nobody likes clients like you. GUFFAW GUFFAW

    By the way will you be at one of the walks? Everyone counts and guess what, you don’t have to be or ever plan to be a client. Bearing in mind you’ve made it clear the goal is sound but the methodology doubtful, in your opinion, now we’ve got over not needing your business you’ll be free to come right?

    • Fertile Fish says:

      DWNN…. Where did the Fish say that Emirates Airline was a courier? As it seems you have a problem understanding basic English, allow me to explain the actual comment:

      The comment about Emirates was a facetious observation about them being the main sponsor for other reasons than the obvious marketing opportunity.

      But what was the other observation I made in the same comment, which was blatantly ignored by yourself?

      If you take the time to read my last 2 comments properly, you will see that I said various courier firms visibly sponsor the Dubai Rugby 7s, including yours, TNT, because it is a good marketing opportunity.

      (Anything not understood so far DWNN? – snigger snigger)

      So here’s a question?

      How is TNT’s et al (meaning same industry courier firms) main motivation for the sponsorship of this sporting event any different from that of any other marketing opportunity, including WFP?

      And why did you not answer this in your last response? I suspect because the observation I make is one on which you may likely have to concede defeat…

      Furthermore, your request for me to post a neutral address for you to offer me, quote, “special rates” would quite frankly be offensive to me if I was any one of your other existing clients.

      Very underhand behaviour, some might even interpret as unethical.

      And, quote, “no one likes clients like me, guffaw – guffaw”.

      I am flabbergasted!

      Firstly you don’t know me (or rather my firm) as a potential client.

      Secondly, you want the world to think that TNT only likes clients who do not compare quotes from their competitors?

      Is this really the case? Because it seems be from what you write.

      But what an arrogant remark to make in the first place!!!!

      If I were the decision maker for contracting my firm’s courier services to the variety of suppliers in the market, this alone would be sufficient reason for me to place my business elsewhere.

      I am genuinely amazed at your willingness to ‘rubbish’ a potential client in public!

      If anyone from UPS, DHL, Aramex and the others are reading this, they must be rubbing their hands with glee at the crassness of it!

      If you genuinely are as you describe yourself, a person who speaks “from a position of authority” within TNT, I think you are setting a highly unprofessional example for junior people with less authority…..

      However, your personal insults aside, a trend has become apparent in your responses to me; you repeatedly avoid answering the main points I make and pick on irrelevant triviality. I imagine this is designed to deflect attention from the main questions which I suspect make you uncomfortable

      Therefore I offer you a challenge to answer the following 2 points directly and without evasive, Gordon Brownesque, tactics.


      1) TNT’s involvement with WFP is ultimately sanctioned by the company because it is a good marketing campaign for the company.

      Note: have deliberately not substantiated Statement 1 here to save time and because it has already been substantiated many times earlier in this post.

      2) Why is it that TNT is unable to match DHL in price?

      My firm regularly reviews quotes from all suppliers in the region, our perception is that they all offer the same (or very similar) service, and let’s be honest, recession aside, businesses (should) make commercial decisions.

      TNT is always one of the companies who quotes to us (which would suggest contrary to your remark about not being bothered about our business) but they are always beaten by others, which is why DHL repeatedly wins our contract.

      There DWNN, can you stand up to the challenge, without responding with red herrings?

      My money’s on the latter!

      • Fertile Fish says:

        Sorry playmates!

        Had to stop typing early as I couldn’t stop sniggering at DWNN!

        Snigger snigger snigger snigger arf arf arf snigger snigger arf arf!!!

  15. Jim says:

    What’s the date on the walk again Red Dog and where will they be?

    Can I bring my juggling balls as well – tempted to get amongst it and happy to post about it here at GSTF…

  16. red dog says:


    thanks for trying to bring some form of seriousness back to the thread.

    Now that the Fish has completely imploded and now chooses to take all the previous banter as incisive strategic comment about their business and not the tongue in cheek fun that seemed to be the case (what with all the puerile sniggering, etc) then we’d better play properly.

    There are many, many walks around the world in every timezone. Specifics are at http://www.movingtheworld.org

    In your locale an hour meandering with a couple of thousand (hopefully more) like minded individuals will take place on Friday 5th of June starting at 10am.

    Date and time changed to suit specific cultural and weather needs!

    Bring your juggling balls, bring your friends and most of all bring your GSOH.

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Completely imploded my @rse…….

      Rather the other way around I would say!

      Snigger snigger snigger

  17. red dog says:

    Now FF, let’s get things back on track.

    I will not be entering any further into commercial discussion with you, my earlier poor attempts at humour seem to have pressed you SOH failure button and that’s not what we need here.

    My lack of direct answers to your direct questions seems to have further angered you, again not my intention, however, I was only playing the same game as you – run back through a few posts and make a quick tally of unanswered q’s on both teams………

    My final point on this matter, as you seemed to have chased all the other correspondents away, is GO! Walk the world.

    Do it for the good of hungry children all over the world, do it because it’s the right thing to do and do it for NOBODY else.

    Have a nice day.

    • Fertile Fish says:


      Just as I thought, exactly where I placed my bet, total avoidance from DWNN.

      C’est la vie hey playmates?!

      Snigger snigger snigger

  18. Lib says:

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think FF has chased anyone away, he’s just trying to get a few answers?

    Nowt wrong with that is there?

  19. red dog says:

    None at all Lib but FF is not interested in the core activity, just enjoying playing in the garden.

    For those of us really involved in what WFP actually does it’s serious and not base corporate marketing activity. I’m not going to change Fish’ mind through blogspace and as he/she has completely avoided reviewing the non-TNT sources, or certainly not passed comment on same, then we go round and round the mulberry bush.

    There are many answers on http://www.wfp.org and http://www.movingtheworld.org, so with a bit of spare time and some pragmatic interest…….

    • Fertile Fish says:

      I’m sorry there DWNN, but you are wrong, again.

      FF has in fact reviewed the WFP programme, which I am pleased to say I find both honourable and worthy.

      But I must point out that once more you make a categoric statement about me, this time about what I have, or have not done, and again you are incorrect.

      However, this is totally irrelevant with regard to TNT’s association with WFP.

      But you have stayed true to form and totally ignored my point that TNT’s involvement in it really is something borne out of commercial interest, a concept that you are either too blind to see (likely because you are feeling all corporately warm and fuzzy over it for reasons described earlier) or, too dumb to understand, or, simply in denial of it for your own reasons (likely because admission of the marketing-opportunity-fact that TNT is taking advantage of WFP’s activity does not sit well with the company hierarchy).

      Oh well, that was part one of my challenge to you ignored, and I really do not expect you to change your direction on this.

      And regards part two of my challenge, “I will not be entering any further into commercial discussion with you…”

      Jeeez! Talk about taking your ball back!

      Fertile Fish – 2
      DWNN – 0

      I suggest you go back to your soft and cuddly world of corporate make believe, where corporations put charity first and don’t consider the positive impact an association with an organisation like WFP might have which would benefit them.

      And I must say that at the end of the day, I suspect deep down you accept I am right, despite the fact you are in public denial of it.

      Good on you there DWNN, I actually do understand you have no other option but to tow the company line, and for that you have my empathy.

      Snigger snigger snigger snigger.

  20. red dog says:

    It’s actually ‘toe the company line’, unless you expect me to drag it with me. It’s an historical reference to behaviour used in naval and governmental settings, but being dumb I asked someone to help me understand that.

    I do toe it on this issue as it’s right to do so, there are no commercial benefits, ie there are huge costs involved with no discernible payday. Surely everything in marketing has a payday.

    I’m really pleased you’ve seen the WFP site, see this whole discussion has achieved something. Which walk will you be attending?

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Hello Playmates!

      “It’s actually ‘toe the company line’, unless you expect me to drag it with me.”

      Having been accused of puerile behaviour myself by DWNN of TNT fame, he resorts to minor pedantics in order to try to score a point.

      Gordon Bennett!, Talk about sore losers over there at TNT!

      Now where’s the childish behaviour here playmates?

      First they sulk and take their ball back declaring they are not interested in my company’s business, because apparently no one has the right to question their quotations (they especially don’t like people who compare prices) and they very misguidedly think it is humourous to be personally insulting to a potential client (and one who they quote to whenever asked) in a public forum!

      Amazing! And this behaviour from a multinational corporation!

      How to win friends and influence people the TNT way!

      Snigger snigger snigger

      Now, DWNN old chum,

      Clearly you still have not grasped the concept that TNT’s WFP programme (sorry, TNT’s sponsorship of the WFP – don’t want any further red herrings thrown in here, or minor pedantics used as an escape route) is a marketing activity.

      Your question asking “where is the payday?” can be answered very directly:

      TNT benefits from this as the general public are persuaded into believing that the company is a good egg because it supports charity.

      Generally speaking people like good eggs and so should be attracted to TNT as a consequence. It helps to build a sense of trust in the company because spending all that money just to help charity is very honourable and noble, and potential clients are more likely to use companies they feel they can trust.

      The other main benefit, at the risk of repeating myself, is that employees also like it, it makes them feel they work for a compassionate company, which helps breed loyalty and it is also a great internal motivator. It is very important for any business to have a loyal and motivated workforce.

      It really is an excellent marketing exercise, I don’t take anything away from that, but I do see it for what it is and am not fooled by the notion that TNT does this out of the goodness of its corporate heart.

      You might not see an impact on your daily consignment count at TNT, activities such as these are long haul, and as you point out TNT have been involved with WFP since 2002, so it has been running for 7 years therefore one would not expect to see a sudden spike in sales. That is a common feature with any constant marketing campaign.

      It is perhaps a slower communicator than a TV / billboard campaign, but is no less powerful and it is global, which most TV / billboard campaigns are not.

      Think, WFP is a UN project…… Just how many countries does that communicate TNT and their business capability to?

      So now to endeavour to stop you from bleating on about which walk will I be attending (really not sure why this diversionary tactic keeps on getting used – other than it being just that, diversionary) the answer to this is, none of your business.

      And before you go jumping to any wrong conclusions here, as you are so apt to do based on your previous responses to me, unlike TNT, when I give to charity (which I do) I genuinely do not like to talk about it.

      Snigger snigger snigger snigger arf arf snigger

      • red dog says:

        “The other main benefit, at the risk of repeating myself, is that employees also like it, it makes them feel they work for a compassionate company, which helps breed loyalty and it is also a great internal motivator. It is very important for any business to have a loyal and motivated workforce.”

        You’re right.

        “And before you go jumping to any wrong conclusions here, as you are so apt to do based on your previous responses to me, unlike TNT, when I give to charity (which I do) I genuinely do not like to talk about it.”

        I’m pleased about that, by the nature of the relationship TNT has with WFP it is a responsibility to talk about it. WFP has no budget, it needs help to spread the message. One of the other targets is to gain other corporate supporters, hence how the other players now are in.

        They also have hollywood stars as ambassadors because as you say “Generally speaking people like good eggs”, they’re not doing it because they want you or I to watch their next film – but there’s always a pay-off by your thread.

        Anyway, we’re coming to the end now, I agree one of the major benefits is employee satisfaction (it’s no secret, we ask people to tell us if they like it) and you agree it’s a worthwhile cause (Walk the World not TNT)

        • Fertile Fish says:

          Getting bored of this now.

          Given that you work for TNT, you cannot be seen to agree my argument, it would unlikely be looked upon favourably by TNT hierarchy.

          But what a marvellous opportunity to appear like a good egg, getting involved in charitable events, whether you are a Hollywood star, or a multinational corporation, its all good publicity for those that get involved.

          And how honourable and from the heart it must look to many when the charity concerned makes it the donor’s responsibility to talk about it…

          What a bonus for the donor!

          It’s just so squeaky clean!

          If you are gullible, or an employee of TNT that is.

          So back to premise one: That hungry kids will benefit, all to the good.

          But let’s not fall foul of the notion that TNT’s prime motivator here is charity, it isn’t. Its the opportunity to help convince the courier service buyers out there that TNT is a good egg.

          That my friend falls under the heading of, marketing.

          Snigger snigger snigger

          • FedEx says:

            Hi FertileFish
            Iwas told about this by one of my friends, all very funny, its strange whatlengths some people will go to to avoid the truth!
            Personally speaking I think you are right, the TNT WFP activity is driven by the company’s marketing department and don’t understand how anyone could think anything else!
            But I fully appreciate why Red Dog would not want to discuss commercial terms in public, I work for FedEx and would feel exactly the same.
            ButI can assure you that we would never attack any current, prospective or even no chance of ever getting client the way TNT attacked you, no matter how much we may secretly not like an individual. Our business thrives on a number of key factors and developing personal relationships is one of them.
            But I would like to request the next time you are looking to tender for your couriers a chance, please give FedEx a chance as well!
            Keep up the good work Mr Fish, hope to see you soon

          • Fertile Fish says:

            Thanks for the support there FedEx, glad to know it isn’t just me and Uncle Cyril who have seen through the marketing scam!

            Rest assured I will make sure that you get the opportunity to quote next time, along with our good friend who has apparently now has decided he doesn’t work for TNT!

            Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger!

            OH PLEASE STOPPIT FISH! It’s starting to hurt! (FF’s stomach talking)

      • Entertained says:

        “the answer to this is, none of your business”.


        Time for a song now!

        • Fertile Fish says:

          ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
          When the sun shines on the mountain
          And TNT is on the run!
          It’s a charity not a marketing campaign
          We are bound to have some fun!
          ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

          • Fertile Fish says:

            Sorry there Entertained,

            I went to the trouble to find music notes but the software on this blog replaced them with question marks……

            Never mind, but who do you think will defend TNT now that DWNN has apparently resigned from them?

          • Entertained says:

            Hum… It’s not the kind of superior performance The One Who Sing would have delighted us with… but still, full marks for the attempt Fishy One! (And pray tell where IS The One Who Sings?)

            Why would TNT run though when the sun shines on the mountain.. Has she got sensitive skin or something?

            Guaranteed on-time delivery of fun courtesy of TNT? That bit goes undisputed!

          • Entertained says:

            Oh dear, and there was me equating DWNN with TNT as in, DWNN is TNT is DWNN is TNT is… you know. DWNN.

            You mean, they are two different women? O my word! Could’ve fooled me!

  21. red dog says:

    Ah FedEx John, welcome to the fray.

    FF hasn’t been attacked by anyone let alone a corporate body. There has been some questions and banter flying about and nothing else.

    However, you joining a discussion to blatantly plug your company’s services on a thread about starving children is distasteful. Regardless of the ‘marketing’ element to this chat you have surely sullied the Fedex name in such a base act, how do you feel FF. Blatant ok in this context?

    There is no statement above that I work for TNT, I clearly stated I had an interest and could speak with authority on the matter. Do I work for WFP, TNT, UPS or Agility? I’ve mentioned them all.

    Because I made some provocative statements about rates to continue a discussion with FF means nothing.

    • Fertile Fish says:

      Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger
      Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger
      Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger
      Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger


      Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf

      THANKS DWNN!!!

      Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger
      Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger
      Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger
      Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger




      Snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger arf arf arf arf snigger snigger snigger snigger

  22. red dog says:

    Pretty distasteful Fedex John, still whatever floats your boat.

    If you think pitching for business on this thread is the way forward then on you go. Personally I think you’ve made Fedex look pretty shabby.

    The assumption you’ve made is I work for TNT; I’ve mentioned WFP, TNT, UPS and Agility – so who’s it to be?

    Because I threw so provocation in by insinuating I could give FF rates means nothing. Banter 101 me old FJ, take everything and nothing at face value.

  23. Fertile Fish says:

    It really is just too rich!

    I am just exhausted from all the laffing!

    snigger snigger snigger snigger……

    and now I just can’t stop!

    Arf arf arf arf!

  24. Jim says:

    @ Fedex – welcome to GSTF – how did you find us?
    @ Fertile Fish – that has to be the longest ‘snigger’ comment ever
    @ Red Dog – Thanks for sticking with this!! Bring on the walk and thanks for the extra info…

  25. Fertile Fish says:


    Well it’s taken a couple of days, but I finally stopped laffing long enough to ask a question (not that past experience gives any confidence of a response).

    Here goes DWNN:

    Earlier in this thread, Jimberly (another fully paid up member of the Don’t-Answer-Direct-Questions-Club) asked the following question:

    “has anyone from TNT ever DHL’d anything?”

    You, DWNN replied:

    “To answer your question Jim I’ve used all carriers in my time.”

    My new question to you, DWNN is: Explain this statement?

    Not that I expect an answer, and even if I am misguided in this expectation, I don’t expect the truth!

    I’ve always found telling the truth to be the best policy DWNN.

    Once you start telling lies, you have to have an awfully good memory to keep it plausible, and likely you have tell a couple of hundred more to reinforce the first one!

    Snigger snigger snigger snigger (Oh god! I’m off again) arf arf arf snigger snigger

  26. red dog says:

    Keep to the subject matter Fishy if you want to bounce the thread back to the top.

    • Fertile Fish says:

      As predicted playmates,

      DWNN is consistent in his performance!

      You know what I mean….. Refusal to answer direct questions when he’s painted into a corner.

      Come DWNN, at least tell us another porky and give us all a laff!

      Snigger snigger snigger

      • Jim says:

        Another follow up post is in order oh Red One….

        Maybe one about your walk-a-thon….happy to pop this up if you can email details!

        To all in this thread – this one is for you:


        • Fertile Fish says:

          Blimey Jimberly,

          I never knew that the Beatles ripped off Oasis so much and so badly!

          But please……. Never play that for us again.

          I reckon the combination of you and DWNN must equal (in scientific terminology of course) just the most banal taste in music ever, only a personal opinion you understand, no need for anyone to start telling lies about whom they work for – snigger snigger snigger

          At least not unless you are prepared to give direct answers to my questions when asked, which, if you did, that would be my penance for demanding answers-that-cannot-be-given-when-you-want-to-be-all-things-to-all-people-on-your-blog-you-know, and then you would be justified in playing us your muzak again…..

          Oh god……. I’m out of here…..

  27. red dog says:

    Poor Fish. It must be hard having so much angst.

    If only we’d known you were DJ Fish, but no I have it; Tonight Matthew you are Derek Dick…..


    Please send my prize to the WFP

    • Fertile Fish says:

      I feel really sorry for your wife and kids, do you play music at them like this at home?

      Nothing like a middle aged dad with a music collection stuck in the 80s.

      I’d be sniggering if it wasn’t so cringeworthy….

  28. red dog says:

    Life’s a broad church Fish. I do own the album that Kayleigh comes from but I can’t say I’ve listened to it in many a year.

    However, I am sure you are Mr Dick……

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